Recent Publications


“Tea with Honey,” “The Gift,” “Night in the Prison, Vacancies in the Cabinet,” in Dreaming Awake: New Prose Poetry From the US, UK, and Australia, fall 2022

“Bear Fight,” “Catching the Monster,” “A Hole in the Head,” in Contemporary Surrealist and Magical Realist Anthology, Fall 2022

“Giver of Gifts,” in Best Microfiction 2022, Summer 2022

“Dismantling the King,” “Tears,” “Escaped Voice,” and “The Last Truth,” in Fort Nightly Review, (Upcoming)

“The Salesman Has a Vision,” and “Along Comes Mary” in the May Day issue of Hole in the Head Review (co-written with Meg Pokrass), May 1, 2022

“Living with a Monster,” “My Sister’s Gift,” “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” “Family,” and “Slipping Away” in Flash Boulevard, May 7, 2022

“Fog in South Florida Poetry Journal, Issue 25, May 2022

“Boy With Holes,” “Raining Twenties,” and “Brotherly Love” in Survision, Issue 10, March 2022

My Mother’s Dress Shop,” “Missing Kroner,” and “Mime Love” in Fort Nightly Review, March 2022

“Terrorists,” in DMQ Review, Special Prose Poem Issue, February 2022

“The Salesman Gets a Suit,” “Something Special,” “My Mother The Realtor,” and “The Salesman Grows Sad” in On the Seawall (co-written with Meg Pokrass), February 15, 2022

“The Marksman,” “What Happened to the Country” and “What My Father Heard” in International Psychoanalysis: Special Feature, February 7, 2022

“Baby Theft” and “Bully” in Hole in the Head Review, Volume 3, #1, February 2, 2022

“Quaking,” “The Salesman Gets Stoned,” and “Dead Bugs and Lovers” in Café Irreal (co-written with Meg Pokrass), Winter 2022

“What’s Left,” “Last of the Truth,” and “Bad Day for the Shooters” in American Journal of Poetry, Volume 12, January 1, 2022


“Arrest,” “Never Look a Gift Horse,” “Boy in the Closet,” in Survision, December 10, 2021

“Tea with Honey,” “The Gift,” “Night in the Prison, Vacancies in the Cabinet,” in Hole in the Head Review, Special Chapbook Edition on Prose Poem, Volume 1, Issue 4, November 2021

“Terrorists,” in DMQ Review, Fall 2021, Special Prose Poem Issue

“Ashes,” in Unbroken, Issue 28, October 2021

“Picking up the Moose” and “Dear Wigleaf” in Wigleaf (co-written with Meg Pokrass), October 21 2021

“Deniers,” in Six-Sentence Blog Spot, September 2021

DMQ Virtual Salon, August 2021

Mistaking One Cheese for Another,” “The Not So Invisible Ex,” and “The Grana Padano House of Wedgewood ” in MacQueen’s Quinterly (co-written with Meg Pokrass), August 2021

“Father and Son” and “Ram in the Thicket,” in MacQueen’s Quinterly, August 2021

“Lost Memory” and “Not Everything Was in My Father’s Will,” in Best Microfiction 2021, Summer 2021

“Rainmakers,” “Sold,” “My Father the Salesman,” and “Bad Day for the Salesman,” in Contrary (co-written with Meg Pokrass), Summer 2021

“Fatherless Daughter” and “What You Can’t Fix,” in Plume (co-written with Meg Pokrass), June 2021

The Poets Speak in Plume,” May 28 (With Meg Pokrass)

“Gifted Sister,” “Owl Eyes,” and “Her Blue Period” in Pangyrus (co-written with Meg Pokrass), May 28,2021

“Voice in the Bush” and “Giver of Gifts” in Body, May 4,2021

“Broken Man,” in American Journal of Poetry (co-written with Meg Pokrass)

“Wig Story,” in Vox Populi (co-written with Meg Pokrass), April 2021

“Snapping Turtle,” in Unbroken, Issue 28, March 25, 2021

“Out of the Hat,” in Unbroken, Issue 28, March 25, 2021

“Virus,” in Covid Spring, Hobblebush Books, 2021

“Pet Loss, in 50-Word Stories, March 19, 2021

“Near Collision on Main Street,” in Oddity (co-written with Meg Pokrass)

The Weak Man in the Circus,” “Out of Touch,” and “Family Sorcerer,” in New World Writing (co-written with Meg Pokrass), February 27, 2021

“Adam’s Rib,” in Emrys Journal (co-written with Meg Pokrass), February 10, 2021

“Pet Loss,” (long version) in The Daily Drunk (co-written with Meg Pokrass), February 8, 2021

“Truth,” in American Journal of Poetry, January 2021